Scarborough’s Reading Rope 2 – Background Knowledge

It’s time for our second post on Scarborough’s Reading Rope and dyslexia! The second part of the reading rope is background knowledge. What is background knowledge? Background knowledge is what a reader already knows about a subject. Why is background knowledge important? Background knowledge can help a reader with dyslexia understand multiple meanings of words, as well as idioms. The more background knowledge a student with dyslexia has about a topic, the easier it is for them to fully comprehend what they read. Additionally, background knowledge can help a student with dyslexia make inferences from conversation and text. How do you build background knowledge? One good way to build background knowledge is to have a student sort items and words into broad categories.

We have an activity that you can use to help students with dyslexia build background knowledge! Here is a pdf of the activity.

Here is some additional information on the importance of background knowledge

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