How Unidentified Dyslexia Causes Anxiety

Unidentified dyslexia can cause a lot of anxiety and stress for kids. Online dyslexia tutoring can help resolve these issues. When a child has dyslexia, but it has not been identified, the child often starts to make false assumptions about the reasons for their struggles with reading and spelling. For example, they may engage in negative self-talk, and feel like they are “not smart enough”, or “too dumb” to read. As a result, their self-esteem plummets and their effort in school may decrease. Additionally, if a child’s dyslexia has not been identified, they will not be able to obtain services that will effectively address their dyslexia, such as dyslexia tutoring and other interventions. This can lead to an increasing amount of frustration and lack of confidence. However, it’s possible to turn this around!

Unidentified dyslexia and anxiety

When a child’s dyslexia is identified, it is the first step important step forward! A child’s dyslexia may be identified by a parent who has learned about the common symptoms of dyslexia, a teacher with this same knowledge, or a dyslexia tutor who provides an informal evaluation. If a formal diagnosis of dyslexia is needed, these can be provided by doctors and psychologists who specialize in learning issues. One a child’s dyslexia has been identified, the correct services can be obtained, and the child may also have a boost in self-esteem. The reason for this is that there will be a clear explanation for their reading and spelling issues, and a clear path forward for improvement! Let’s identify dyslexia early!

Peter Groth
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