Do I Have Dyslexia?

Have you ever wondered if you have dyslexia? For many individuals who have never been diagnosed, there is a nagging feeling that certain struggles in academics and in life point towards dyslexia. For example, they may have struggled to learn to read, and even now, never read for enjoyment. Or, they may struggle, or have struggled, to understand the content and meaning of what they read. There are a wide variety of symptoms and signs related to dyslexia, but here are a small selection that tend to be common. If you struggle with dyslexia, dyslexia tutoring can help you improve both reading and spelling.

Do I Have Dyslexia?

You struggle, or struggled, with letter reversals. This is a very common symptom and sign of dyslexia. These letter reversals may include b, d, p, q and others. In addition to letters, a child or adult with dyslexia may also reverse digits.

Spelling is difficult, and spell check doesn’t always help! This is another common symptom of dyslexia. Spell check may help sometimes, but kids and adults with dyslexia often say that they have difficulty even getting the words close enough to the right spelling to get the correct suggestion from spell check. Spelling tends to be difficult for individuals with dyslexia, because dyslexia affects they way that the brain processes written language. Dyslexia tutoring can help kids and adults with dyslexia improve spelling.

Reading out loud is difficult or even scary. If you struggle with reading, reading out loud can be a scary prospect! You may find yourself avoiding situations in which you would have to read out loud. For kids with dyslexia, we recommend that parents seek an accommodation allowing the student to not read out loud in class.

You have, or had, trouble learning to read. This is a very common symptom of dyslexia, and, in fact, many kids and adults who struggle with learning to read do have dyslexia. Dyslexia is the most common reading challenge, and it is estimated that 5%-15% of the population has dyslexia.

You struggle, or struggled, with word problems in math. Word problems in math require a great level of reading accuracy, and words carry very specific meanings. Kids and adults with dyslexia often struggle with reading accuracy, and so, word problems in math are challenging.

Do any of these dyslexia signs and symptoms look familiar? If you would like to learn more, we have a page dedication to information about dyslexia. You can find that page here: About Dyslexia . If you are interested in dyslexia tutoring, we offer online dyslexia tutoring that is engaging, affordable and fun!

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