Reading Comprehension Challenges

Dyslexia can cause reading comprehension challenges for children. There are a couple of different reasons for this.

First of all, a child’s reading accuracy may be poor due to their dyslexia. If this is the case, a child will not have a good understanding of what they have just read, because they simply were not able to read the provided information accurately. The best way to address this issue is to help the student improve their reading accuracy. This is an area that dyslexia tutors are very skilled in.

Secondly, a dyslexic child’s reading comprehension may be poor due to reading being very difficult for them. In this case, a child may have decent reading accuracy, but decoding words is such an exhausting chore for them, that they find it difficult to focus on content while they are reading. Again, a dyslexia tutor is able to address this problem by helping the student improve their reading ability, thus making it easier for them to focus on content.

If the child has reached a point where their reading ability is quite good, but they still are having comprehension problems, it usually indicates a need to have a dyslexia tutor work specifically on comprehension skills with them. Even if their reading has improved a great deal, they may still be in the habit of not absorbing content, because reading used to be so challenging for them.



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