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Is dyslexia a disability? If dyslexia treatment and dyslexia tutoring work (as they do), should dyslexia be considered a disability? This is an interesting, and controversial question. Proponents of dyslexia being defined as a disability point to the fact that dyslexia impairs the ability to read and spell. As a result, it should be considered a disability. However, opponents of dyslexia being called a disability disagree. These opponents say that calling dyslexia a disability is misleading and harmful.

First of all, they say that the term disability seems to imply an inability in dyslexic students to learn how to read and spell, ¬†and this is simply not true. With the proper dyslexia tutoring and treatment, a dyslexic individual can learn how to read and spell, and comprehend what they are reading. In addition, some parents dislike the term “disability” simply because of the stigma attached to it; they worry that their dyslexic child will become discouraged and that their self esteem will suffer if they are labeled as having a disability. Additionally, parents are sometimes concerned with their dyslexic child being grouped into learning disabled classrooms that may not be equipped to provide the support that their child needs.

As an alternative, some dyslexia experts and parents have started to refer to dyslexia as a learning difference, which emphasizes the fact that dyslexic children can learn to read, spell and comprehend, but they simply need a different approach to it; the sort of approach that is provided in dyslexia tutoring and dyslexia treatment programs. Regardless of how we define dyslexia, the most important thing is that we understand the nature of dyslexia and how to properly treat it. With the proper dyslexia treatment provided by dyslexia tutoring, dyslexic children can reach their full potential in school and life.

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