The Joy of Reading

As a dyslexia tutor, I often see children who have lost their desire to read. Often, these dyslexic students have not received dyslexia tutoring, and as a result, reading has become a constant struggle and source of discouragement for them. In these circumstances, it makes sense why they do not like to read, because it’s hard to repeatedly do an activity that makes you feel like you are failing all the time.

One of greatest things that dyslexia tutors can do is help restore the joy of reading. In my experience, this often returns naturally once a student is being given the tools that they need to progress. As their reading improves, a dyslexic student gains confidence in their abilities, and is able to relax more and enjoy what they are reading. Suddenly, they are able to start exploring things that they are curious about and interested in, and this results in a positive change in attitude.


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