The “It” Issue

As a dyslexia tutor, a common error that I see dyslexic students make is with the word “It”. Among the symptoms of dyslexia, one of the most prominent is the tendency to skip letters, skip words, and reverse the order of sounds. The word “It” is particularly easy for a dyslexic student to read incorrectly. Most often, a student will read it as the word “I” instead of “It”. This can drastically alter the of the sentence. For example, if you were to read the sentence “It was the same person that I had seen before”, but substitute “I” for “It”, the sentence would read “I was the same person that I seen before.” Now, a dyslexic student may think that this is some sort of philosophical statement, or they may not understand the sentence at all.

One of the things that dyslexia tutors focus on is lowering the tendency of their students to skip words and letters. This training can take time, but with patience and perseverence, a dyslexic individual can start to see “It” when they are supposed to.

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