Summer Dyslexia Program

Our dyslexia program can be a great summer activity for your child. Our dyslexia tutors are talented and fun to work with. When you sign your child up for our summer dyslexia program, we will assign a dyslexia tutor to them who will help them make progress instead of falling back during summer vacation. Summer dyslexia programs can give your child an academic boost that will help them start the new school year right. Our dyslexia tutors can help your child get stronger in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. If you are interested in signing up for our summer dyslexia program, send us a message off one of our contact forms, and we can set up a free dyslexia tutoring session for them to try our dyslexia tutoring program out.


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    1. Dyslexia Connect

      Hi, Jan. You can find all of our rates on this page of our website:

      Our rates are per month, so, the cost for the summer session just depends on how many months you would like to do. Would you like to set up a free trial? We offer this with no obligation. If so, feel free to respond to this, or send me a message from one of our contact forms. Thanks!

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