Reading Together

Dyslexia tutors, and most dyslexia programs use monitored reading as a way to help a dyslexic student advance. You can use some of the same strategies a dyslexia tutor uses at home. Reading together is one of the most important parts of a dyslexia program. During that monitored reading time, dyslexia tutors are able to reinforce everything else that they have been teaching their student. For example, if a student misreads a word such as “respect”, the dyslexia tutor can have the student break the word into the syllables “re” and “spect” (many dyslexia programs use the strategy of breaking words into syllables). Next, dyslexia tutors may ask the student to identify the syllable type, and the sound that the vowel is saying as a result of that syllable type.

Even if you aren’t familiar with all of these strategies used in dyslexia tutoring programs, you can still help your child a great deal by having them read out loud to you. This works especially well if they are in a dyslexia tutoring program, because you will be able to reinforce what they are learning by stopping them when they miss a word, and asking them to break the word down in the same way that their dyslexia tutor has them do it.


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