Reading Out Loud

For a dyslexic, reading out loud can be scary experience. As a dyslexia tutor, I am able to minimize this anxiety because the situation is one on one, and the student knows that the reason for their difficulties is understood. However, in a classroom, or a group of people, reading out loud can be a scary thing. For a dyslexic who has not received dyslexia tutoring, reading difficulties can cause a lack of confidence and self esteem; when they are asked to read in front of a group, it can make them feel like they are opening themselves to humiliation.

As a result, it is a good idea to speak with a student’s teacher and explain their dyslexia, as well as their fear of reading in public. If the student is in dyslexia tutoring, you can ask the dyslexia tutor to contact the teacher or write them a letter, explaining the situation. Most teachers are very receptive to letting a student skip reading aloud to the class, especially once they understand the reasons for it.


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