Punctuation Problems

During dyslexia tutoring, one of the areas we focus on during reading time is punctuation. Punctuation can be a problematic area for students with dyslexia, and most dyslexia tutors make this one of the focuses during their dyslexia tutoring sessions.

Students with dyslexia don’t tend to see, or feel the rhythm of punctuation as well as other students. In my years as a dyslexia tutor, I have had students who almost completely ignore punctuation.  As a result, when they read, it sounds like the written page is one giant, run-on sentence. Special emphasis needs to be placed on punctuation to help a dyslexic student apply it and feel it as they read. If my student skips a period, I will usually have them go back a few words before they period, read it again. and make a definite stop at the period. Then, once we have waited for a moment, I will let them continue with the next sentence. Another strategy dyslexia tutors sometimes use is to have the student take a deep breath when they reach a comma. I like using this particular method, because a deep breath makes the student feel the break and allow enough time before continuing.

When reading at home, you can use the same strategies that dyslexia tutors do when reading with your child. If they need it, you can have them dramatically emphasize puncuation while they are reading with you. This will help them develop a better feel for it.


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