Practicing Spelling

In addition to practicing reading, a dyslexia tutor practices spelling with a student as well. For students with dyslexia, advancement in one area of the language compliments advancements in other areas, so a successful approach to helping dyslexics learn to read better must involve reading, writing and hearing the language.  In dyslexia tutoring, spelling practice is extremely useful, because the dyslexic student gets reinforcement regarding the sounds that a certain letter, or combination of letters makes. In addition, they are seeing the sound in the context of words, which will improve their spelling and reading ability.

Spelling by phonetic sound is a great activity that you can do with your dyslexic child at home too. If you have your child enrolled with a dyslexia tutoring program like ours, ask your child’s dyslexia tutor which sounds they are currently working with. They will be happy to give you that information so that you can practice at home. For example, if they are currently working with “ow”, you can practice at home by giving your child words in which “ow” says its two different sounds, such as “how”, “down”, “plow”, “flow”, “grow”, etc. Consistent practice can help a dyslexic student make consistent progress.


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