Our Dyslexia Tutors

At Dyslexia Connect, our dyslexia tutors are trained professionals who make your child’s progress their first priority. The reason that our tutors work in the field of dyslexia tutoring is because they have a passion for helping dyslexics succeed. This passion is evident in the commitment that our tutors show in helping their students progress.

All of our tutors are fully trained in our method; a method that has proven extremely successful in helping dyslexic individuals of all ages progress. We have a lot of confidence in our method, because we have seen it work again and again. Our tutors also posess the experience that allows them to determine the most beneficial approach to helping each dyslexic student. Not every dyslexic has the same challenges, and the flexibility that our tutors practice is in response to this fact. Our tutors approach each student’s dyslexia as a unique case; one that may have unique elements to it. As a result of this flexibility, the tutors at Dyslexia Connect are able to help their students achieve their goals, and gain the confidence that they need to succeed in all areas of life. 


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