Our Dyslexia Program

A dyslexia program needs to have certain fundamental elements if it is going to successfully treat dyslexia. Here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, we use a refined and proven dyslexia tutoring method that has brought great success to our students. Some important elements of our program are:

One-On-One Tutoring:
At Dyslexia Connect, our tutoring is exclusively one-on-one. The student has the full attention and involvement of their dyslexia tutor from the moment they begin a session to the moment they finish it. This individual focus allows for a remarkable amount of progress to be made. Our tutors not only keep track of what a student is working on, but also the overall scope of their progress, allowing them to tailor our program in a way that will help that student make the most progress.

A Phonetic Approach:
Our method is a phonics based approach, and in our experience, this is the only way to help a dyslexic student make progress. Our students learn letter sounds, letter combination sounds, and syllable rules that provide them with the foundation that they need to become great readers.

A Proven Method:
We have tremendous confidence in our method for a reason; we have seen succeed over and over again. As dyslexia tutors, one of the greatest parts of our job is being able to see our students succeed, and discover abilities that they didn’t even know that they had. We have confidence in our dyslexia program because we know it works, and our students are evidence of this fact.

Another great part of our program is that it’s convenient! With our online dyslexia tutoring program, you will not have to worry about getting in the car and making it to more appointments. If you have a computer and an internet connection, then you are able to participate in our online tutoring program.


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