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One part of school that many dyslexics struggle with is testing. For a student with dyslexia, a test that requires them to read material and respond in a fixed period of time may prove overwhelming and difficult. A child with dyslexia, already self-conscious and hesitant about their ability to read, may suffer bouts of anxiety when put in a testing situation.

One answer to this problem is to get them enrolled in a dyslexia tutoring program. A good dyslexia tutor can help a student gain the tools, as well as the confidence that they need to face academic challenges such as tests. Another important option is to obtain an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for the dyslexic student. With an IEP, a student with dyslexia¬†might be¬†allowed more time to complete quizzes and exams, and may also be allowed to complete the test in a different room. Both of these things can be a great benefit to a dyslexic; the additional time helps them avoid anxiety because they don’t feel as if they are under the clock, and a different testing location helps because they can comfortably take more time without being embarrassed about it, or distracted by their classmates finishing much sooner than they do. To inquire about setting up an IEP, try speaking with the classroom teacher, school psychologist, or school counselor. By taking these steps, you can help a dyslexic student find more ease and success during test time.


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