Encouraging Reading

As a dyslexia tutor, I have seen the remarkable impact that encouragement can make with dyslexic students. During dyslexia tutoring, I sometimes pause to show a student the material that they were working on a few months before. Often, the material will seem easy to them.  Sometimes it is hard for them to see the progress they are making, but when they are shown the material that was so difficult for them previously, it helps them recognize how far they have come.

Whether you are a parent, dyslexia tutor, or teacher, encouraging a dyslexic student can make a huge difference in their life. In dyslexia tutoring, I often see students who have lost self esteem and confidence because of their academic diffiiculties. One of the things a good dyslexia tutor can do is help build these areas back up encouraging the student, and helping them see the road map to success.  When a student gets recognition for what they are accomplishing, they feel good about their travels on the path to literacy, even when the road seems rough.


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