Encouraging Interests

For parents of a dyslexic child, it is very important to encourage that child’s interests. These interests can provide self-esteem and confidence for a dyslexic child, and offset some of the frustration they may feel at times with school and academics. In combination with dyslexia tutoring from a great dyslexia tutor, this can make a huge difference.

For a child with dyslexia, every day can seem like a series of hurdles to overcome, and sometimes, of failures to face. Schoolwork, assignments, and testing can all leave a dyslexic child feeling as if they are behind the rest of their class, and lacking the potential and talents of their peers. This is simply not the case, and it is important to remind a dyslexic child of this fact on a regular basis. However, equally important to reminding them of this fact, is encouraging them to pursue interests in which they feel like they have talent and can excel. If your child does not seem to have an interest like this, help them explore the many different possibilities, and you will probably find that they gravitate towards a certain activity. For some children, this activity may be drawing or painting; for others, it may be a sport or athletic activity. Regardless of what the interest is, a parent can help a child’s positive development by taking an interest in their child’s interests and encouraging them. For many children with dyslexia, these activities provide the opportunity to feel successful and gifted.

Additionally, remind the child that they are making progress in reading and spelling, and will continue to do so. By enrolling your child in dyslexia tutoring, you can give them the tools they need to start succeeding in school and academics. Also, you will probably find that a lot of the frustration that your child was feeling at school begins to disappear as they see themselves making progress. In my years of dyslexia tutoring, I have seen many of my students gain confidence and positivity after a few weeks of dyslexia tutoring. Even if they are still a bit “behind” their peers, it doesn’t matter as much to them, because they know that they are headed in the right direction and making progress.


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