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Finding dyslexia help can be challenging for a parent. There are many dyslexia tutors, dyslexia tutoring, and dyslexia treatment programs out there. So, how do you choose? In our experience, the best sort of dyslexia help is provided by a dyslexia tutoring program that presents a phonics based approach. There are no quick fixes for dyslexia, and the dyslexia tutoring programs that promise this are not effective; but the phonics based approach has been used successfully by dyslexia tutors for years. Many tutors are trained in the Orton-Gillingham Method, or a closely related method for working with dyslexics. Orton-Gillingham provides not only materials to use with a dyslexic student, but also vital insight into how to use these materials to reach dyslexic students. Here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, our dyslexia tutors have been using this sort of approach for years, and we have had a tremendous amount of success with it. We believe in it because it works! So, dyslexia help is available. Click on online tutoring in our menu to learn more about our dyslexia tutoring program.


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