Dyslexia Tutors

For dyslexia tutoring to be successful, it is important that dyslexia tutors are fully trained in an effective method. Here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, our dyslexia tutors are trained in a proven method that has created years of success stories. In our years of dyslexia education, we have refined our method so that it directly addresses the reading, spelling, and writing challenges of our dyslexic students. We rarely see two cases of dyslexia that are exactly the same, and as a result, we personalize and adapt our program to each of our students in a way that will be most beneficial to them.

Our first priority is the progress of our students, and our dyslexia tutoring program is designed to be effective, efficient, and fun! We realize how important it is that a student is engaged in their tutoring program, and we make every effort to help the student feel a part of their education. When a student is invested in their own education, they become motivated and excited about their future.


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