Dyslexia Tutors and Training

Dyslexia tutors are usually trained in a specific method that gives the dyslexia tutor the knowledge and approach needed to teach an individual with dyslexia. There are a variety of dyslexia tutoring methods out there, but the effective ones are usually based on the Orton-Gilligham Method. The O.G. Method is the oldest, and most famous dyslexia tutoring method, and many dyslexia tutors are trained in it. In addition, there are other dyslexia tutoring methods that are closely based on O.G., such as Wilson, Slingerland, and others. These methods provide variations in teaching approach, while still retaining the core principles that make O.G. effective.

The fundamental aspect that all of these methods emphasize is a phonics-based, rational approach to reading, and this is why dyslexia tutors can be so effective when using one of these. Dyslexia individuals need a structured, phonetic approach to reading and spelling to be able to master them. In a school environment, a dyslexic child may be able to keep up through the initial phases of reading, but when the material becomes more difficult and complex, they begin to fall behind. The reason why a dyslexia tutor must present language in a structured form, is because a dyslexic cannot build the foundation they need to make progress without this structure.

With a great dyslexia tutor guiding their progress, a dyslexic student can begin to advance and experience reading success.


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