Dyslexia Tutors and Short Vowels

Dyslexia tutors and dyslexia programs¬†spend a lot of time working on short vowels during dyslexia tutoring sessions, because these are very difficult to memorize¬†for individuals with dyslexia. A dyslexia tutor will often need to review these sounds with a student, and most dyslexia programs build this review in, because it is very necessary for progress. This repetition provides the dyslexia help that the student needs. A dyslexia program providing dyslexia treatment will usually address short vowels in several different ways during the dyslexia tutoring sessions. Dyslexia tutors will often start dyslexia tutoring sessions with phonics flash cards. While doing these flash cards, the student will see the sound and say the sound, and short vowel sounds are usually incorporated from the very first dyslexia tutoring session. A dyslexia program may also have the student focus on one of these short vowel sounds each session; for example, the dyslexia tutor will have the student spell words with only the short “e” sound that day. Further reinforcement can be provided when dyslexia tutors have a student read words with that vowel sound in isolation using a word resource book.

Short vowels are so difficult for students, that even ones who have been in a dyslexia tutoring program for some time may still need review of these sounds on a regular basis. This is a natural symptom of dyslexia, and when dealt with properly, a student can become capable with these sounds.


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