Dyslexia Tutoring Techniques

Dyslexia tutors use certain techniques for teaching, and anyone helping a dyslexic student can benefit from these dyslexia tutoring techniques used in dyslexia programs. A parent giving dyslexia help to a student at home can use some of the same techniques that a dyslexia tutor uses during a dyslexia treatment session. If your child is enrolled in a dyslexia program, these techniques can help them retain what they are learning on days that they do not have a dyslexia tutoring session.

One way dyslexia tutors help their students is through monitored reading. This is incredibly useful in a dyslexia treatment environment, as well as at home. During a dyslexia tutoring session, a dyslexia tutor will have their student read out loud. Any time the dyslexic student makes an error, the dyslexia tutor will have them return to the word and read it again. Now, the important thing is to remind them to sound out the word, and this works especially well if they are enrolled in a dyslexia program where they are learning phonics. Once they sound out the word and say it correctly, then they can move on.


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