Dyslexia Tutoring and Priorities

For dyslexia tutoring to be successful, it must be made a priority. Every dyslexia tutor has had students who do not make their sessions consistently, cancel frequently, and seem to have every activity as a higher priority than dyslexia tutoring.  Certainly, dyslexia tutors realize that students have many opportunities these days for activities, and that these activities are important to them. However, even within a busy schedule, dyslexia tutoring can still be made a priority when its importance is recognized. When dyslexia tutoring is not a priority, the situation becomes ineffective and frustrating for both the student and the dyslexia tutor. For the student, a lack of consistent sessions means that they are not learning the material and advancing at a decent rate; this leads to frustration and a sense of failure that is simply caused by a lack of commitment. For the dyslexia tutor, the situation is frustrating because they find themselves doing more review than new learning, and they feel as if they are not able to properly do their job. Dyslexia tutors want to help, and not simply go through the motions.

Reading, spelling and comprehension are as vital in today’s world as they have ever been. Professions, education, and even personal relationships rely on text messages, documents, articles, and a variety of other written material, whether that text is read off of a standard page, a tablet, or a phone. Dyslexia tutors can make a student prepared to live in this world if parents give them the chance by making dyslexia tutoring a priority.


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