Dyslexia Tutoring and Phonics

Some dyslexia tutoring programs incorporate phonics and some do not. In our opinion, phonics are an integral part of a dyslexia tutoring program. When a proven, phonetic method is used by a talented dyslexia tutor, the results can be remarkable.

Phonics are a necessary part of dyslexia tutoring because dyslexics do not acquire language the same way that other students do. Some students pick up on phonetic sounds simply as they learn to read and grow older, but dyslexic students are unable to do this.  A dyslexic student needs a solid, phonics based appraoch to learn these sounds. Without these sounds, a student with dyslexia may have a difficult time sounding out words; even very basic ones.  For example, imagine trying to read the word “pin” if you do not know what these letters say individually.

Here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, we use a phonics based method that is proven and effective. If you are looking for a dyslexia tutor, check out our online dyslexia tutoring. We are confident that we can help your student improve their reading, spelling and comprehension.


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