Dyslexia Tutoring and Patience

For parents with their children in dyslexia tutoring, patience is very important. Dyslexia tutors know that it is difficult for parents to see their dyslexic children struggle academically. Often, the parents have already reached the point of frustration in thier efforts to help their child make progress. When a dyslexia tutor starts with a new student, they may be the last resort in a long ling of attempts to address the challenge of dyslexia.  For this reason, it is particularly important to be patient when a child has just entered dyslexia tutoring. The rate of progress varies dramatically from child to child, especially when they first begin their dyslexia tutoring.

Dyslexia tutors often tell parents that it will take a least a month of dyslexia tutoring before they begin to see progress. Sometimes, it may take even a bit longer than that, depending on the child. However, when you have enrolled your child in a quality dyslexia tutoring program, you can be assured that they are getting the instruction that they need, and that the progress will come, even if it takes some time. If you are interested in dyslexia tutoring, check out our program by clicking on “Online Tutoring” in the menu. We would be happy to set up a free online dyslexisa tutoring session for you to see what it’s all about.


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