Dyslexia Tutoring and Evaluation

Regarding dyslexia tutoring, parents often ask if an official dyslexia evaluation is needed before a student starts a dyslexia program. While some dyslexia programs require this, other dyslexia programs do not. A dyslexia tutor often provides a parent with more information regarding what a dyslexia evaluation involves. For an official evaluation, dyslexia tutors will often refer students to a doctor or psychiatrist who specializes in dyslexia evaluation. These professionals are able to give medical evaluations that act as official evidence if a parent is setting up an IEP for a student, or trying to get them additional help at school. If an official evaluation is not needed, then an unofficial evaluation provided by a dyslexia tutor or dyslexia program may be a great choice. An unofficial evaluation is a good choice if a parent simply wishes to know whether their child shows signs of dyslexia, and what dyslexia tutoring can do to help them.

Here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, we offer a free, unofficial evaluation in combination with a free session that allows a person to see how our dyslexia tutoring program works.  This evaluation can be helpful to parents, and it also gives us a chance to figure out exactly where we will place the new student in our dyslexia program, if they choose to sign up.



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