Dyslexia Tutoring and Reading

Dyslexia tutors are often asked by parents how they can best augment what their child is learning during dyslexia tutoring. One of the best ways to reinforce what a child learns during dyslexia tutoring, and help them make further progress, is to read with them.

A lot has said about the benefits of reading with a child over the years, and this wisdom still holds true. For a child in dyslexia tutoring, reading with a parent can be extremely beneficial. When reading with a parent, a dyslexic child gets extra practice reading accurately, particularly if a parent makes sure that they have a child go back to every word that they misread. By doing this, you will help improve their accuracy. In addition, a dyslexia tutor will often remind parents to have the child sound the word out. If  your child is enrolled in a good dyslexia tutoring program, they are probably learning how to do this step by step. In the beginning, sounding a word out may be difficult for them, but as they get further along with their dyslexia tutoring, it will become easier. For further tips on how to read with a dyslexic child, try asking your dyslexia tutor, as they will be happy to give information. If your child is enrolled in our online dyslexia tutoring program, ask their tutor how you can maximize the benefits of reading time.


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