Dyslexia Tutoring and Reading Confidence

One of the many benefits that dyslexia tutoring provides to students with dyslexia is confidence. Reading with a dyslexia tutor is usually much less intimidating for a dyslexic child than reading in a group or in front of their class. A dyslexia tutor is able to provide an environment that is low pressure, and is able to relieve the student’s anxiety because the tutor precisely understands the difficulties that the student has.

Often, dyslexic individuals develop an aversion to reading, and will try to avoid having to read whenver possible, especially in front of other people. For a dyslexic child in school, this will often result in them trying to avoid reading all together. Or, if that is not an option, they will try to avoid reading out loud. This is very understandable. For a dyslexic who has not had dyslexia tutoring, reading can seem very intimidating, and feel like a set-up for failure.

When a dyslexia tutor can help a child start to make progress, their attitude about reading may completely change. Even if the dyslexic child is still having difficulty reading, they begin to realize that progress is possible, and that their reading difficulties are not the result of a lack of intelligence. They begin to feel like they are bright and are capable of succeeding.


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