Dyslexia Tutoring and Phonics

A dyslexia tutor will often incorporate phonics into their dyslexia tutoring sessions. Here at Dyslexia Connect, we begin every dyslexia tutoring session with phonics flash cards. The word “phonics” refers to the sounds that letters and letter combinations make. Phonics are beneficial for anyone to know, but for a student with dyslexia, they are vital; that is why a good dyslexia tutor places so much emphasis on them.

For many individuals, phonetic knowledge is second nature. For example, even if they can’t tell what sound a certain letter makes in isolation, they can definitely tell what it says within in the context of a word.  For individuals with dyslexia, it doesn’t work that way. For a dyslexic, it may be equally difficult to recognize a letter’s sound, whether it’s by itself or in a word. For this reason, it is vital for a dyslexic student to learn phonics during their dyslexia tutoring. Without this knowledge, simply spelling a word like “top” may be hard for them, because they do not know exactly what sounds the letters make. Dyslexia tutoring with a strong emphasis on phonics can give a student what they need to improve their reading and spelling. Click on “online tutoring” to check out our online dyslexia tutoring program.


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