Dyslexia Tutoring and Comprehension

Dyslexia tutoring can do a tremendous amount to help a student with dyslexia improve their reading comprehension. Many dyslexia tutors include comprehension exercises as part of their curriculum, and in my own career as a dyslexia tutor, I have always included this in my sessions. Reading comprehension can be particularly challenging for a dyslexic student.

First of all, to have good comprehension of the material that you are reading, it is essential to be able to read that material well. For an individual who struggles with reading, it can be very difficult to simply read the words that are in front of them, let alone comprehend the meaning of the paragraph and the material as a whole. In addition, dyslexia often causes individuals to misread a word in various ways, so even if they get the basic gist of it, they may put it in the wrong tense, forget to make it plural, or read it with any number of other variations. In an isolated case, misreading one single word in a passage may not affect a person’s comprehension dramatically, but often, the number of words that a dyslexic misreads is far higher than that. When a new student begins dyslexia tutoring, I sometimes see them misread several words per sentence, which can have a tremendous effect on comprehension.

A good dyslexia tutor typically includes comprehension in their dyslexia tutoring curriculum, because that skill is commonly so difficult for dyslexic individuals. Here are Dyslexia Connect, reading comprehension is a regular part of our online dyslexia tutoring program. Our dyslexic students improve their comprehension by improving their reading, as well as by learning vital strategies that are essential to the skill.


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