Can a Dyslexia Tutor Help?

As a dyslexia tutor, I have heard many parents relate their struggles in trying to find help for their dyslexic child. Often, they are tired and frustrated, having exhausted nearly every avenue. In some cases, they have tried every alternative except dyslexia tutoring, and they wonder how a dyslexia tutor is going to be able to succeed when so many other options have not. The answer is that dyslexics need a different approach to reading and spelling than other children do, and it is a dyslexia tutor who can provide this different approach.

Dyslexia tutors are often drawn to dyslexia tutoring through a personal interest or connection; maybe they were seeking to help a struggling student in their class, or their own child struggled with dyslexia. As a result, a dyslexia tutor often has observed first hand how standard methods have not worked with certain students. When they seek out dyslexia training in one of the well known dyslexia tutoring methods, they begin to learn an approach specifically designed for dyslexics, as well as the reasons why regular methods do not succeed in helping them to make progress.

Armed with this understanding, a dyslexia tutor is able to approach a dyslexic student’s specific challenges in an effective manner, and help them increase their confidence and achieve their potential.


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