A Dyslexia Tutor and Spelling

A dyslexia tutor tends to approach spelling in a certain way,  and it is an approach that is common to dyslexia programs and dyslexia treatment programs. It’s a great way to provide dyslexia help. A dyslexia tutor will usually choose to focus on a specific sound or two for that day’s spelling list. These sounds are chosen from the phonics flash cards that are being used in that day’s dyslexia tutoring session. For example, dyslexia tutors may focus on “sh” sound, and have the student spell words like “shine, show, shed, etc.” during their dyslexia treatment session. For a more advanced or older dyslexic student, dyslexia tutors might be using more advanced sounds, such as “augh” in “daughter” and “taught”. A parent at home can use the same method as a dyslexia tutor does when helping your child with spelling. If you have them in dyslexia tutoring program or dyslexia treatment program, speak with the dyslexia tutor that your child is working with, and they’ll probably be able to give you great ways to incorporate this at home.


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