A Dyslexia Tutor and Sounding Out

A good dyslexia tutor, regardless of which dyslexia program they are trained in, ¬†usually uses sounding out during dyslexia tutoring to help a student progress in reading and spelling. Many dyslexia programs and dyslexia tutors use this approach, because it is such an effective part of dyslexia tutoring. When the student has any difficulty with a word, a dyslexia tutor will have them sound the word out. Now, this doesn’t mean that dyslexia tutors have the child say each letter sound individually, rather, they train them to sound things out using certain chunks and blends. For example, the dyslexia tutor will give them the word “jump”, and it will be sounded out as “j”, “u” and “mp”. The “mp” goes together, because it is a “consonant blend”, and a specific sound that dyslexia tutors have students practice with phonics flash cards. To sound out a word effectively, a dyslexic student needs to have a good knowledge of phonics, and this is the reason why effective dyslexia programs emphasize phonics.


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