How a Dyslexia Tutor Helps

A great dyslexia tutor can help a student who is struggling in many different ways. The most obvious way, of course, is through the knowledge of dyslexia education that the dyslexia tutor brings to each dyslexia tutoring session. Our dyslexia tutors are not only specifically trained in a method for working with dyslexics, but they often have a personal connection to the issue of dyslexia; sometimes this is a dyslexia child that they know, or have in their own family; other times, they have seen the struggles of dyslexic students in the classroom, and have sought a way to help them. Our dyslexia tutors became interested in this line of work through a desire to help.

In addition to the actual approach dyslexia tutors provide, they also bring the ability to help a student increase their self esteem and confidence. ┬áThis can come in many forms; sometimes it’s simply a matter of the dyslexic student realizing that they are not alone in their struggles, and that someone is there to help them; other times, this boost comes from the progress that they start to make during their dyslexia tutoring sessions. The support that a good dyslexia tutor provides goes far beyond the fundamental approach.


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