How a Dyslexia Tutor Helps

A dyslexia tutor can help a dyslexic child who is struggling in many different ways.  Certainly, when we consider the ways that dyslexia tutors can help a child, the first thing that comes to mind is the instructional help that they give with reading, spelling and comprehension. In addition to this, a dyslexia tutor can also provide many other things that help a student progress. For example, good dyslexia programs implemented by a talented dyslexia tutor help a child realize that they are not alone in their struggles; the dyslexia tutor is not only there to help, but they are also there to explain how many people struggle with the same issues that a child has. Dyslexia tutors also increase a child’s progress by showing them that, yes, they are capable of doing their schoolwork and succeeding. There are many measurable ways that a dyslexia tutor or dyslexia programs help a child, but there are also many immeasurable ways that a dyslexia tutor can help a child reach their full potential.


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