A Dyslexia Tutor and Comprehension

A dyslexia tutor can really help a dyslexic student improve their comprehension. Dyslexia tutors are generally trained in one of several dyslexia programs that are phonics-based. In our experience, a dyslexia program that is phonics-based is the only way to effectively address dyslexia. By using a dyslexia program that has a phonics-based method, a dyslexia tutor is able to train a student during dyslexia tutoring to approach reading in a more effective way. There are a couple of ways that dyslexia tutors are able to do this using the dyslexia programs they are trained in. First of all, a dyslexia tutor is able to increase a student’s reading accuracy. Reading accuracy is tremendously important to reading comprehension, because if a student cannot read the words in the comprehension section, then they will not know what it is saying. Dyslexia tutors do this by training a student in phonics, and by training them to break down words into syllables. Secondly, a dyslexia tutor can help train a dyslexic student to focus more on the meaning of a passage as they read it, and spot information that they need. This is important, because many dyslexic students get in the habit of focusing so much on the words that they are not paying attention to the meaning.


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