Dyslexia Treatment and Reading

In my last post, I mentioned techniques a dyslexia tutor may use during dyslexia treatment to help a student. Regardless of whether your student is in a dyslexia program or not, you can benefit from techniques used in dyslexia programs. I mentioned how many dyslexia tutors use monitored reading with great effect. Monitored reading is a great way to provide dyslexia help to a child. At times, using the techniques I mentioned may be frustrating, because of the many mistakes and errors the student makes while reading. Every dyslexia tutor who works in a dyslexia program knows that this requires a lot of patience. Sometimes, it may seem like the child is not making any progress at all, but you must have confidence, because dyslexia tutors have seen this dyslexia treatment method work again and again. Eventually, this constant reinforcement provided by you, a dyslexia program, or dyslexia tutor starts to come to fruition, and you will be able to see real progress.


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