Dyslexia Training and Math

When parents are seeking dyslexia training or a dyslexia program, they are often looking for dyslexia help with math, in addition to reading, comprehension and spelling. Many dyslexia tutors offer math help as part of their dyslexia training sessions, because math can be such a difficult subject for dyslexics. Dyslexia affects a student’s abilities with written language. As a dyslexia tutor knows, this also affects a dyslexic’s abilites with numbers. A dyslexic student may have difficulty writing and understanding numbers, just as they have difficulty with writing and understanding letters. One of the most common issues seen in dyslexia training sessions is difficulty with numbers. In my own experience with dyslexia tutoring and dyslexixa treatment, I have seen students of all ages struggle when they are reading and they approach a year, such as “1997”. They will often invert these numbers or change them completely.

Dyslexia training and dyslexia tutoring can also help with math facts. Math facts are very difficult for students with dyslexia to memorize. This diffuclty is often compounded by the fact that many dyslexic students have short term or long term memory issues. As a result, consistent reinforcement over a long period of time can be required to help a student acquire these concepts, and dyslexia treatment programs are aware of this. If you are working on math at home with a dyslexic student, the important thing is to provide that consistent reinforcement without making the student feel frustrated or discouraged.

Here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, we offer dyslexia training for math, in addition to dyslexia treatment for reading, spelling and comprehension. If you would like to know more about our dyslexia tutoring program, contact us using one of the contact forms on our site, and we can provide you with more information.


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