Dyslexia Reading Books

A dyslexia tutor is often asked about appropriate reading material for dyslexic students. Finding reading material for a dyslexic can be challenging, because the material needs to be at a certain level. During dyslexia tutoring, a dyslexia tutor often starts a new student in material that may seem very basic, and there are many advantages to this. First of all, a student that is new to dyslexia tutoring often lacks a solid foundation in phonics. As a result, the dyslexia tutor needs to address this deficit before they can progress to more difficult material. In addition, basic material can help a dyslexic build confidence. By giving them something that they can read, even if it is very basic, a dyslexia tutor is helping to reinforce the idea that the student is able to read. The more the student believes this, the more benefit they will get from dyslexia tutoring.

As a parent, you can follow the same guidelines that dyslexia tutors follow when choosing books. Start with something basic, even if it seems like it may be too easy for the child. Readiing anything at all provides benefits, so don’t be overly concerned if the material is not at their exact level. A good way to find books is to ask the reference librarian at your local library about books that are rated for very basic readers. The benefits of reading with your child, and getting your child to read, cannot be overephasized.


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