Dyslexia Programs and Spelling

Dyslexia programs use certain strategies for teaching, and by using a strategy similar to a dyslexia tutor, you can give dyslexia help to your child in spelling. A dyslexia program, and the dyslexia tutors that work for that dyslexia program, will usually try to introduce a limited number of sounds at a time. Often, during a dyslexia tutoring session, they may only introduce one or two sounds and have the dyslexic student use those during spelling.  For examples, dyslexia tutors may introduce the “ow” sound to the student, which is probably a sound that they will have seen their dyslexia tutor introduce with a flash card at the beginning of dyslexia tutoring. The “ow” has two sounds, as in the word “low” and the word “how”. This is considered an intermediate sound, and many dyslexia programs will not introduce it until after the student is completely comfortable with their short vowel sounds and basic letter sounds. When the dyslexia tutor introduces it, they will have the student write ten to twenty words with each of those sounds, such as “flow”, “grow”, “tow”, “town”, “crown” and “brown”. This is a great way to reinforce the sound in a student’s memory. If you have your child enrolled in a dyslexia program, such as ours here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, you will be helping them reinforce what they are learning during their dyslexia tutoring sessions.


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