Dyslexia Programs and the Senses

Many dyslexia programs have students use a variety of senses during dyslexia tutoring. This is because dyslexia tutors like to give their dyslexic students a variety of ways to acquire the material during dyslexia tutoring sessions. A dyslexia tutor realizes that one dyslexic child may learn best by hearing something, while another dyslexic child may learn best by seeing something.  A dyslexia tutoring program often tries to have a child involve several of their senses in each dyslexia tutoring session. For example, in our dyslexia tutoring program, we often have our students say and read different sounds and words out loud during dyslexia tutoring. This serves a couple of different purposes; first of all, it gives our dyslexia tutors the chance to hear if the students are doing something correctly; secondly, it gives the child the chance to learn something by seeing it, saying it, and hearing it. You can use this dyslexia tutor strategy at home as well. Reading out loud is one of the best ways to help a child improve their reading. Have them read a book to you, and stop them each time they make a mistake. If you have them enrolled in a dyslexia tutoring program, this works especially well, because you can remind them to apply the rules they are learning from their dyslexia tutor to read the word correctly.


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