Dyslexia Tutoring and Self-Esteem

Many individuals with dyslexia suffer from a lack of self-esteem. This stems from their awareness that they are unable to learn language the same way that others around them do, even though there is no obvious disability that keeps them from doing so. As a result, they often start to seem themselves as being less intelligent than their peers, and they believe that their difficulty is simply due to a lack of intelligence. They begin to feel that they are “dumb”. For dyslexic children, this often results in a decline in motivation to pursue any academic goals, or even complete the schoolwork that they are given. They feel that they are “beyond help”, and might as well not try. Compounding these difficulties is the fact that some people who do not understand dyslexia may attribute a dyslexic’s difficulties in school to laziness. I have met parents before who spent a lot of time trying to motivate their dyslexic children to work harder, even though the root of the problem was dyslexia, not work ethic.  As a result, the children became more and more frustrated, and sometimes, even began to believe what was said about them being lazy, decreasing their desire to put forth effort even more.

While this situation leads to a child being resigned about learning in general, it can also result in behavior difficulties, as the child begins to act out as a result of the frustration that they feel. This can be particulary true with intelligent children who have a desire to learn, but have difficulty doing so because of their dyslexia; they posess natural intelligence, but they feel that they have no way to satisfy their desire for knowledge and learning.

By enrolling a child in a program that effectively addresses their dyslexia, all of these negative effects on self-esteem can be avoided or remedied. A good dyslexia tutor not only will help a dyslexic make academic progress, but they will also help that individual to understand their dyslexia, and to be able to deal with it in a much more effective way. The student begins to realize that they are intelligent, but that they simply learn in a different way than others. With this understanding comes an ability to advocate for themselves in school, work, and other situations in which they find themselves. I have seen student after student blossom academically and personally when they begin to work with a good dyslexia tutor. When an individual’s dyslexia is properly addressed, they begin to see the limitless possibilities that are before them, and have hope in the future and themselves.

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