Dyslexia and Math

There is a strong correlation between the reading challenges caused by dyslexia and difficulties in math. Many dyslexic students who are in dyslexia tutoring programs also struggle in math. For this reason, a dyslexia tutor sometimes includes some work on math during dyslexia tutoring sessions. When considering the nature of dyslexia, it makes sense that students with dyslexia may have trouble with math. Dyslexia is an educational difference that changes the way that a person perceives language, in reading, writing and spelling. Since the expression of written language is used in math (numbers, etc.), it makes sense that this would be a challenge to dyslexics too. Many dyslexia tutors work on numbers with their students, because these can be as difficult for them as letters.

The same approach that is used by a dyslexia tutor to help a student with written language can also be used to help a dyslexic student with math; the key is consistent and effective repetition. Repetition can be made more interesting by using a variety of tools to teach. Here at Dyslexia Connect, all of our dyslexia tutors use flash cards. Flash cards are a great way to practice anything that requires memorization, and they are great for teaching a child math facts like addition, subtraction and multiplication. Our dyslexia tutors also use games, and games are a great way to practice math. In fact, you can even adapt games to math by playing them with math flash cards. For example, you could take any game where the student has to roll the dice and move a piece. Each time before they roll the dice, they have to say a math fact (3 * 5 , for example). As a dyslexia tutor, I use games a lot because they keep the child involved and excited about learning.

When helping a dyslexic with math, try to think of new and fun ways to practice with them.


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