Dyslexia and Intelligence

One common misconception about dyslexia is that it is an indicator of low intelligence. This is absolutely not the case! As a dyslexia tutor, I have had the opportunity over the years to work with many different dyslexic students. I have had many bright, creative students in my dyslexia tutoring program. Often, these bright dyslexic students are labeled as being of low intelligence simply because of their difficulties with language and numbers. This is unfortunate, because dyslexia is not a disability, but rather a learning difference that requires an alternate way of acquiring language; we provide this alternate method in dyslexia tutoring.

Besides having others question their intelligence, dyslexics often have difficulty believing in their own intelligence too. A dyslexic who has not had dyslexia tutoring often struggles so much with reading, writing and comprehension, that they begin to think that their challenges are a result of them being “dumb” or not bright enough to succeed. As dyslexia tutors, we try to reach students not only by giving them the tools that they need to succeed, but also showing them that they are capable of succeeding. A good dyslexia tutor is able to help a dyslexia student with the mechanics of language, as well as build their confidence back up to a point where they can fully use their abilities.

At Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, we believe in the abilities of our dyslexic students, and this is something that we seek to instill in them as they progress through our dyslexia tutoring program.


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