Dyslexia and Homework

Dyslexia tutors often give advice to parents on how to help their dyslexic children keep up with homework. Occasionally, a dyslexia tutor will also incorporate elements of a student’s homework into their dyslexia tutoring sessions.

For students with dyslexia, keeping up with homework can be a challenge. Due to dyslexia, these children often take more time to read material and process it. If a student is very dyslexic and has not received dyslexia tutoring, they may have a difficult time reading the material at all.  When a student has difficulty reading the material, they are going to have a difficult time answering questions on that material.  In addition, a dyslexic student often has difficulty expressing their thoughts on paper; this can caused by spelling challenges, as well as a difficulty in organizing their thoughts. Many dyslexia tutors incorporate writing practice into their sessions once a student is ready, to help them progress in this area.

For older students, reading speed can be a particular challenge. Often, students who are in high school are expected to read large amounts of material on a regular basis. The amount may seem like a challenge to the average student, but for a dyslexic, it can seem overwhelming.

There  are several ways to help a student with these challenges. First of all, it’s an excellent idea to enroll them in a dyslexia tutoring program if they are not in one already. Dyslexia tutoring can help the student advance their reading and spelling skills, making it easier for them to do their homework. Click on “online tutoring” in the menu bar to check out our online dyslexia tutoring program. In addition, speak with the student’s teachers and principal to see what accommodations can be given to the student at school It’s possible that they will be allowed to have more time to read material, or will be given books on CD to use until their reading improves. In addition, teachers may allow a dyslexic student to do less homework, once they know how difficult and time consuming it is for them.




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