Dyslexia and Confidence

A good dyslexia tutor not only helps a dyslexic child gain the tools that they need to succeed, but also helps that dyslexic student build confidence in their abilities.  Increased confidence is one of the many benefits of a good dyslexia tutoring program.

Many students with dyslexia struggle for some time before their reading and spelling difficulties are addressed in the correct way. As a result of this, dyslexic students often lose confidence in their ability to succeed academically. A good dyslexia tutor can help them regain that confidence. A dyslexia tutor can help the child begin to progress, and also help them clearly see that progress themselves. With my students, I often remind them just how far they have come by showing them the material that they were working on when they first started dyslexia tutoring. This gives the child a concrete baseline regarding their progress, and gives them a confidence boost because they often remark how easy and simple that material looks to them now!

With increased confidence, and an understanding of the challenges that they have already been able to overcome, a dyslexic student can take on new challenges with faith in their abilities.


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