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Can dyslexia be related to behavioral problems in children? If so, what is the correlation? Dyslexia sometimes causes low self-esteem in children. This is the result of the dyslexic child believing that their academic struggles are due to them being “dumb” or not working hard enough. A dyslexic child who has not received dyslexia tutoring or dyslexia treatment may be very aware of their struggles, but they may have no idea what is causing these struggles; as  result, they blame themselves and their self-esteem suffers.

If a dyslexic child is suffering from low self-esteem, they may behave poorly at school and at home. At school, a dyslexic child with low self-esteem may cause problems in class, refuse to do schoolwork, and completely avoid any assignments or homework they are given. A child like this will avoid any situation in which they feel like they may fail, because the thought of more failure is too painful for them. At home, this child may lash out at siblings and parents, and refuse to do anything related to schoolwork.

Is there a solution to this problem? Absolutely. The best way to address this problem is to address the root of it; by getting the child the help they need for their dyslexia. In a dyslexia tutoring program, a dyslexic child can make progress with their reading, spelling and comprehension. As they improve in these areas, they will start to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to perform in school. In addition, a dyslexia tutor can give them another boost by helping them understand what dyslexia is, and showing them that their struggles are not due to a lack of intelligence or effort. The child will start to realize that they can succeed!

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