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Dyslexia tutors answer many questions regarding dyslexia tutoring.  In my experiences as a dyslexia tutor, one of the most common questions concerns the effectiveness of dyslexia tutoring. Does dyslexia tutoring really work?

It absolutely does. During my years working with dyslexic students, I have seen proof again and again of how effective dyslexia tutoring is at addressing the language challenges that a dyslexic student faces. With the help and guidance of a trained dyslexia tutor using an effective method, a dyslexic student is able to make progress that previously, may have seemed impossible. There is no “quick fix” for dyslexia, but with the right approach and patience, dyslexia tutoring can produce remarkable results.

Last Autumn, I began tutoring a student who was obviously intelligent, but who had little desire to read on his own because of his dyslexia. I could see from the beginning that was going to progress very well using our method. After a couple of months, thanks to his hard work at tutoring, his spelling and reading fluency began to improve. We had begun by using phonics readers to practice reading at the end of each session, but soon, he had finished these books and was moving on to chapter books. Originally, he would complete five or ten pages in a basic phonics reader each session, but he has now progressed to an entire chapter or two out of a regular book each session. In addition to the reading he does with me,  he has also started checking out five or ten books from the library every time he goes there, and his mom sees him reading constantly! He had the potential inside him to be a great reader, but he just needed the extra boost that dyslexia tutoring has given him.

Summer is a great time to get started with dyslexia tutoring. Click on the “Online Tutoring” button in our site’s menu to learn about our convenient, fun and effective online dyslexia tutoring program. If you would like to read more dyslexia tutoring success stories, click on “Testimonials”.


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