Do Dyslexics Have the Same Challenges?

In my years of dyslexia tutoring, I have often been asked whether all dyslexics face the same challenges in reading and spelling. The answer is “no”.  A dyslexia tutor sees a huge variety of dyslexia and dyslexic students during their work, and every one of their students may have a unique set of educational challenges. One of the reasons for this is that dyslexia comes in a large variety of degrees. In my years dyslexia tutoring, I have seen the full spectrum.

Severity of dyslexia can range from very mild to very severe. For a student with mild dyslexia, a dyslexia tutor may be able to help them overcome their challenges in a short period of time. However, a student with severe dyslexia may require a much longer period of dyslexia tutoring to show the same results. Even among dyslexics who have a similar degree of dyslexia, the manifestations of it may be different.

For example, one student with severe dyslexia may have issues with forgetting the “s” on the end of plural words, while another student does not. Overall, there are many common symptoms of dyslexia, but the amount of symptoms that a certain dyslexic student may have can vary. If you are wondering if your child has dyslexia, try checking out our “About Dyslexia” page. We have listed many of the common symptoms of dyslexia, and knowing these might help you determine if your child has dyslexia. If they struggle in reading, spelling and comprehension, check out our online tutoring program. Our program is great for anyone who struggles in these areas, whether they are dyslexic or not.


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