When Should We Start Dyslexia Tutoring?

I am often asked what a good age is for a child to begin a dyslexia tutoring program or dyslexia treatment program. The best time to start dyslexia tutoring is whenever you realize that a child is dyslexic. In general, the sooner that a dyslexic child can start getting help for their dyslexia, the better. By getting a jump on reading with a good dyslexia tutor, a dyslexic child will be able to avoid many of the bad reading and spelling habits that dyslexic students tend to form when their dyslexia is not treated. Many dyslexia tutoring and treatment programs are open to young students. Here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, we have had students as young as five years old.

Now, even if a dyslexic student does not receive dyslexia tutoring at an early age, they will still be able to make wonderful progress in a good dyslexia tutoring program. We have students of all ages who work with our dyslexia tutors, and many of them did not start dyslexia tutoring until later on. We even have adults who are getting help witih their dyslexia for the first time who are making great progress. So, any age is a great age to get your child started with a dyslexia tutor, and probably the best time is when you first realize that they are having reading and spelling difficulties.


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